The Top 10 Jokes You Have To Hear!

"Top 10 Irish Jokes"

Ethnic jokes are a pretty important staple to any culture. Humans like to band together to poke fun at those who are from a different place or aren't the same as them.

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"Top 10 Jokes with Voice Inflections"

There is another dimension to jokes that is often over-looked: Voice inflection. The proper voice can make a good joke great. It helps set the tone, it brings listeners into the little world of the story, and it can make a punchline all the more hilarious.

This month Comic Wonder selected 10 joke that we felt showed good examples of voice inflections, and brought the joke to another level. Remember, telling a great joke isn't just about the punchline, it's about set up. And great voice acting can set you up for a bigger knock down than you think!

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"Blonde Jokes"

Blonde jokes are a major part of joke culture. They are one of the earliest themed joke sub-culture to exist in America. A quick look up shows that it is by far the most searched term for jokes ever, with over 10 times the amount of searches for the runner up, "bar jokes." Even on Comic Wonder, as of January 1st, 2009, there are 370blonde jokes, and only 287 bar jokes.

That is why Comic Wonder is kicking off 2009 with a full-month dedication to the blonde joke. Every month, we will be hosting a month-long party for a specific type of joke, and everyone is invited. With blonde jokes being the most popular, it is fitting we start there.

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"Jokes for the Holidays"

Jokes making fun of your holiday of choice can be fun, but what's more fun is bringing life to a party with quality punchlines.

This month, Comic Wonder decided to bring you 10 jokes that will make you the hit of your office or family Christmas (sorry — Holiday!) party. How do you ask? Well, we hand-picked 10 jokes where the punchline is interchangable with a boss, an in-law, a friend, or someone else you like to poke fun at. Use these jokes, but instead switch out the characters with people everyone at your party knows of, and watch as you become the comedic hit of the night.

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"Short and Sweet" Jokes

Comic Wonder will be starting a new monthly feature called "Top 10 Jokes You have to Hear!"

Each month we'll be hand-selecting ten jokes. You may or may not have already heard them; most went under the radar and never won awards; others are old gems any new member has most likely never heard.

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Top 10 Jokes You Have to Hear

What's This?

Comic Wonder will dig into its archives and give you ten jokes you really need to hear. You may have heard some, you may have missed others. Either way, they are worth listening to.